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hobson’s choice “of the waves” CD release

The Toronto Downtown Jazz Festival and Barnyard Records are proud to present: Hobson’s Choice – ‘Of The Waves’ CD release. A follow up to the group’s two independently released EPs, ‘Of The Waves’ is a collaboration between Hobson’s Choice and producer Jean Martin of Barnyard Records. ‘Of The Waves’ is the newest release from the label known internationally for producing some of Toronto’s finest creative music.

Hobson’s Choice is a Toronto based chamber-jazz quartet comprised of Michael Davidson on vibraphone, Rebecca Hennessy on trumpet, Felicity Williams on voice, and Harley Card, voice and acoustic guitar. The group’s music falls somewhere between jazz, instrumental chamber music, and singer songwriter.

With a distinctive instrumentation and a broad notion of song form, Hobson’s Choice is a collaborative project that features compositions by all four members. The four instruments work as equal parts of the band, each providing melody, harmony, rhythm, and texture over the course of a performance. Compositions bridge the gap between lyric based songs growing out of popular music traditions and instrumental pieces that are more indicative of chamber music. The improvisation embedded in jazz informs the music’s creation, from it’s conception through each successive performance.

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Hobson’s Choice hard at work…

Hobson’s Choice has been working on our first full length album that we tracked in August 2011. Andrew Collins and Jean Martin transformed Michael’s family cottage into an amazing studio complete with lake view! It was a really fantastic recording experience. We are excited to have included Michael Herring(bass) and Dan Gaucher(drums) as two musical guests on this recording. The sounds that we captured at the cottage were pretty amazing and we are equally excited about the recent creative developments that we have had at Jean Martin’s studio “the farm”. More updates to come..