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FOG brass band at the Somewhere There Creative Music Festival!



Somewhere There started up in a Parkdale loft back in 2007, but the Toronto-based arts collective is now turning nine and ready to present another instalment of its annual music festival. Now in its fourth year, the Creative Music Festival will take place from February 26 to 28 at the Tranzac.

This year’s lineup brings together an eclectic mix of experimental music, featuring “everything from frayed songs to all-out abstraction, from soloists to dense large ensembles, and from hushed textural acoustic work to driving direct-into-the-PA-system electronics.”

Things kick off on the evening of February 26 with performances from Ronley Teper’s Lipliners, SlowPitchSound and a new quintet formation led by Nick Storring.

February 27 boasts solo improvisational sets from Germaine Liu, Paul Newman, Kyle Brenders, Peter Lutek, Ken Aldcroft and Nicole Rampersaud, while the evening will hear the Kyle Brenders Ensemble, the Ugly Beauties, the Polka Dogs and Interstellar Tentet.

Finally, on February 28, the weekend-long event will wrap up with a set from Laura Swankey, Christine Duncan and Daniel Oore’s recently formed trio, alongside the Humber Composers Collective. The evening portion will see FOG, Ways and THREADS take the stage.

In addition to live music, there will also be talks to attend and a mini record fair. You can find full festival information, including additional information about the performers, ticket prices and pick-up locations, and day-by-day schedules here.

Women’s Blues Revue Nov 28, 2015

Women's Blues Revue 29th

Since 1987, The Toronto Blues Society’s Women’s Blues Revue has wowed Toronto audiences with performances from some of the most accomplished women in Canadian blues. The featured vocalists of this year’s Women’s Blues Revue include Rita Chiarelli, Cécile Doo-Kingué, Terra Lightfoot, Crystal Shawanda and Suzie Vinnick. Check out the Women’s Blues Revue Archive for a list of past featured artists.

Rebecca Hennessy (trumpet, band leader), Suzie Vinnick (guitar), Emily Burgess (guitar), Carlie Howell (bass), Morgan Doctor (drums), Colleen Allen (sax), Carrie Chesnutt (sax) and Lily Sazz (keyboards) return to form this year’s all-star Women’s Blues Revue Band.

Join the Toronto Blues Society at this year’s Women’s Blues Revue as we celebrate 30 years of promoting Canadian blues!

FOG Brass Band featuring Maya Killtron @ Burdock Music Hall

FOG Burdock PosterFOG is a New Orleans Brass Band party with the intricacies of a modern jazz sextet. This band features a brassy frontline of tuba, trombone and trumpet that will have your toe tapping and your body grooving alongside energetic electric guitar, rich piano harmonies and deep drum beats that will take you through sounds inspired by funky blues, old country, Balkan and high-energy modern jazz.

Maya Killtron is a powerhouse vocalist, writer, violinist and DJ who quickly gained national attention for her provocative, tongue and cheek debut record – Hipster/Gangster EP. Her single, Magnum Force was nominated for Who’s Got It Next at the Stylus Awards – Canada’s National DJ awards. She was quickly snapped up as a featured performer and DJ at festivals across Canada and the U.S. including Winter Music Conference in Miami FL, Pride Toronto and NYC’s CMJ Music Festival.

This collaboration between FOG and Maya Killtron will be an unforgettable night with FOG Brass Band as Maya Killtron’s backing band to perform her produced tracks live at Burdock Music Hall.

Way North CD release Tour

Way North CD Release Tour

May 28th// the Rex Hotel Toronto
May 29th// a house concert in Kingston (contact me for details)
May 30th// Silence in Guelph

Way North is the best kind of musical collaboration – one born out of the joy of playing together. Formed by two Brooklynites, JUNO nominated saxophonist Petr Cancura (Down Home) and drummer Richie Barshay (Herbie Hancock/Chick Corea) and two Torontonians, bassist Michael Herring (Peripheral Vision) and trumpeter Rebecca Hennessy (Women’s Blues Revue bandleader/Hobson’s Choice), the band brings together four musicians who love to use jazz and improvisation as a means of exploring folk and world music. They will be performing in Southern Ontario, May 2015, to launch their new disk, Kings County. You can hear the influences of a wide range of folk genres, including the blues, old-time, Balkan, Brazilian and Calypso.

Recorded in one day at Tedesco in New Jeresy, Kings County finds Way North at its spontaneous best. A collaboration of two Toronto musicians, and two Brooklyn musicians, Way North uses improvisation to explore the influences of folk musics on modern jazz.